Max Booking Solution


  • Online booking management for hotels, guesthouses and hostels
  • Receive instant, credit card confirmed bookings directly from your own website
  • Without paying high commissions to anyone
  • Sign up, set up and start receiving bookings within minutes
„Max is a system you can easily take for granted, it always works as you expect it should.”
Chris Syvertsen, General Manager/Co-Owner


Max is the booking engine that doesn't cost you a cent, unless you choose for it to. A small booking fee is charged to your guest at the time of booking, or alternatively you can make booking free for your guests by paying the booking fee at a reduced rate.

No Commissions. No License Fees. No Support Fees.


We all know setting and maintaining prices and allocations is a drag. Who wants to spend all day in front of the computer updating portals? Max has taken on the task of connecting with as many booking portals and PMS systems as possible. Max has a full API available to connect any PMS to.

(Fees may apply to this add-on feature)


Max has been designed in a way that puts you in charge of your booking engine. You can set up and change your settings; name and describe your units and categories; set your own booking policies; adjust the appearance of your booking engine; all how you want, and when you want.

Changes take immediate effect, no waiting around for someone else to do it for you.


Protecting private and sensitive data is one of our prime directives. As online payments and services become increasingly important and common, abuse such as credit card fraud also increases.

We at Max not only discuss this problem regularly but invest a lot of time and effort to offer the best security possible for both you and your guests. Your guests can book via Max at ease that their personal information is safe and secure.


Clients using the Max online booking solution from Australia, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, USA. See more testimonials.